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About Paperless Publishing

Paperless Publishing is a small indie publishing company that focuses on eBooks. While we do publish traditional print works we have found that most from small and indie authors benefit the most eBooks. Get in touch and find out why you should publish with us. If you’re ready for us to review your manuscript submit it here.

The Steps


After you have sent us your manuscript we will review it. If we like what we see we’ll ask a few questions about prior contracts. If your book was previously self-published there is usually no further review. If it was previously published we’ll want to review the contract. If everything checks out we’ll send an offer for the rights to republish your manuscript as an eBook.


Once your book is accepted and a contract is signed. We’ll format the text and layout of the book. We will edit it and provide feedback. Finally, we will design a cover. We know you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover but a beautiful book is much easier to sell and we want your book to be as successful as possible.


Once design and formatting has been completed we begin publishing your book. We are able to immediately list your book. We hit all the big names including Amazon, Apple iBooks, Google Playstore, and many more. Shortly after we publish we will send you payment.

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What We Offer


We will design your cover and create your books unique layout. While the old saying “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” is true. A good looking book sells better.

Great Support

We’re here to help along the way. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible with any questions or concerns you have about the whole process.

And Much More

Contact us today and find out why so many authors are joining our team to have their books published with us.

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