Who Are We?

We're a small team who has been helping authors get their books published for many years. We're look forward to the opportunity to help you out as well.

Our team was forming in the early 2000s. We had written books and we were unhappy with the other publishing companies available at the time. Many of use were initially rejected because the company disagreed with our positions. We decided to team up and work together to help get each of our books published. Many of which sold thousands of copies! We were able to navigate the publishing world and become successful authors.

Each of our team members is an author just like you. We're passionate about writing and understand the hard work that goes into it. We've been involved in the publishing world for many years now and we hope that you find value in our experience.

While we cannot accept every book that is submitted to us; We do read them all. We will also try to provide feedback on them and give guidance on how to have a successful launch and to grow yourself as an author.

Our Team

Some of the people who are going to help get your book published.

Katie Anderson


Jordan Williams


Jessica Weber



Let's make awesome things, together.